We continue give me Sci-Fi or give me death month with a discussion of Logan’s Run. I find this film to be underrated. It certainly has problems from a technical story telling perspective, but it dives deep into a dystopian post apocalyptic world in which the remaining settlement has finite space and resource, and solves those issues by requiring everyone to die at 30. In order to make people willingly sacrifice themselves society has a myth that some, if worthy, will be renewed for a longer life. No one is ever renewed. With everyone knowing that death occurs at 30 society is understandably hedonistic. Eat, sleep, get it on and be merry because life ends at 30, you don’t have to worry about long term consequences. It is an interesting look at how a dystopia can be a utopia on the surface, and how society loses any drive to better themselves when they live a decadent and scarcity free life.

Logan’s run is a flawed film, BUT, it makes you think about a lot of things, which not every film can do.

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