We love science fiction.  It is awesome.  Sci-Fi allows authors and writers to explore the question of what it means to be human as well as attempt to the predict the future or even explore alternate history. These are some of the strengths of the genre, except when that fiction is presented as fact. 

Enter Ancient Aliens. To call it pseudo-archaeology is an insult to pseudo-archaeologists.  Ancient Aliens is science fiction. If it was presented as such, it would be a fine and provocative show. Unfortunately it is presented a science fact, and often deceptively so. The show is dangerous as it further expands upon a trend of false science and false news spun to fit a predetermined narrative. In an era when science is distrusted and losing a public relations war against political and religious ideologues - Ancient Aliens only further weakens trust in actual science. 

So here is Symptom 22 - calling Ancient Aliens what it is - science fiction.