So this podcast idea started life conceptually as a discussion of proper writing techniques and how the Star Wars Expanded Universe writers failed to employ them. It transformed into a bashing of Star Wars Episode 7, Rogue One and the author Chuck Wendig. 

Rage master found a Gizmodo article that referenced the writers guide for the West End Games Star Wars roleplaying game. It emphasized such pro tips as: don't rely on cliches, don't discuss the past, don't write Anakin Skywalker's back story, don't write about the purge of the Jedi and don't invent the next biggest and baddest thing ever. 

These are great tips for writers diving into the expanded universe of a franchise like Star Wars. The books will always be the sideshow to the main show - the movies. So to avoid having your novel become completely irrelevant, don't write something like oh say, Chewie dying saving Han's son Anakin, because, well, the new movie might come after set after that book with a very alive Chewie and Han and Leia having only one child (well maybe only one child) name Ben. Oops. 

We however, being ourselves, could not resist pointing out where Episode 7 and Rogue One failed in handling the tips that should apply to all writing - cliches, the biggest and baddest, know the history of the franchise you are writing for, etc. 

So here's Symptom 34 - a return to one of our favorite things - crapping on JJ Abrams, because he is, a douche.