Phillip K. Dick month rolls on. This week we discuss the 1982 tour de force - Blade Runner and the novel that inspired it - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Both the movie and the novel are fantastic. Both tell deeply impactful stories examining what it means to be human and what makes one uniquely human. The movie however, is a work of art. We have clamored on this podcast for a year for movies that tell the story non-verbally, with layered symbolism and meaning that can only become truly clear upon multiple viewings. Blade Runner is the movie that I at least (Scott) have been asking modern film makers to emulate. 

This one runs a little long because well, there is so much to unpack but I think there is enough good stuff in here that it won't seem that long to you. 

Phillip K. Dick month concludes next week with a discussion of Blade Runner 2049 and then we will move onto Star Wars December - and i think the reason is obvious.