This week Sci-Fi Malady returns to the twisted world of Black Mirror, the Netflix original series as we discuss the season four premier - USS Callister. Black Mirror has again returned to its stomping ground - artificial, or synthetic, or as we argue, non-biological life versus biological life. In this episode the writers of Black Mirror are also discussing cyber bullying and how the bullied can sometimes become the bully, although we don't really get to that aspect as we spend most of the show discussing whether the virtual copies of Robert Daly's co-workers are indeed alive and have any rights. The argument breaks along the lines it usually does when we discuss this, as you might expect. 

Next week we will stay in the Black Mirror universe and discuss either MetalHead or ArkAngel before concluding with Black Museum. While this symptom may have been more heated than others and with less consensus, one thing is sure, the Sci-Fi Malady crew loves Black Mirror. 

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