I apologize for the audio quality this week. While it is listenable, we all sound like we are in a tin can. I purchased a new audio interface and well, apply live voice processing to four separate audio chains is bad, because of bleed over from mic to mic. The result is we sound echoey this week. I apologize and promise that future audio will sound better as we continue to update our equipment and software and as I of course, learn how to actually edit. 

So, Avengers Infinity War has finally arrived and it was epic. Thanos is one of the greatest movie villains ever, with some depth of character and motivation. The movie manages to successfully integrate the multitude of heroes and storylines that have developing over decades into a mostly cohesive narrative and most importantly - you just have fun watching this film. 

That isn't to say the film does not have problems. How does Thanos realistically get defeated now - even with a damaged gauntlet? If the heroes are just going to ultimately use the infinity stones to undo all Thanos did does that cheapen the impact of the "deaths" in this film? 

Maybe - if Marvel does it wrong in part two however at this point Marvel has earned our faith that they will conclude this movie correctly, with a realistic defeat of Thanos and a restoration of the MCU in a manner does not diminish Infinity Wars part one. 

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