Back to The Future is a perfect movie. I said perfect. Whatever you think is wrong with it, I don't care, it is perfect. Nope, that doesn't matter, nope, I don't know what you said to your computer or phone or tablet. Don't care. It is a perfect movie. It works as a comedy, science fiction film and has elements of action and drama and at its core is a story about interpersonal relationships between people. The plot drives the story, is free of any movie breaking holes or oversights and has a rewatchability that most films don't approach. It is a fun and engaging film on its first watch and its 100th watch. It gave us five iconic characters, if you count the time machine, and you better if you count the Millennium Falcon as a character in Star Wars.

Are there elements of this film that don't age well or scenes that would be written differently if the movie were made today? Yep, but they don't ruin the movie. All films are products of the cultural and social morals of their time and you can't judge a film by the morality of today. We discuss these, as well as some of our favorite scenes and little background bits you may not have noticed. We also introduce a new segment for this month during the mid show break - Biff's Bits, in which you get advice from the one and only Biff Tannen. 

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