Cat (@fancyfembot) and Carl (@robominister) get together for their annual tradition, THE TURD OFF. This year is a little different; WE MADE A VIDCAST! Also, due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic we switched it up a bit this year. We gathered all the films from Turd’s past and put them head to head to determine THE TURD OF THE DECADE.

Turd Criteria:
1) Squandered Effects: Did they have a big budget and use special effects in a meaningful way to advance the story or were the special effects not compelling and misused/underutilized given the budget of the film?
2) Acting?: Did the acting contribute to the enjoyment of the film or was it painful to watch? Did the casting make sense for the film?
3) Turdage Per Dollar: Was there a big budget and nothing to show for it? Did they use the budget to create an effective film or was it wasted?
4) Fury Upon Exit: Were you pissed off when you were done watching this film? Do you still have residual fury when you talk about it?
5) Which Sequel Would Offend the Least?: Do you want a sequel? Could you tolerate a sequel?

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