Tonight Jeff Burk was going to be on, but we missed him. Visit him at Bizarro Fiction.

RiffTrax is showing Reefer Madness Thursday, August 19 2010, at select theaters near you!

Kevin Bacon is in newest X-Men Movie (Via Geeks of Doom)

An unproduced Jim Henson screenplay to become original graphic novel(via Comic Related)

While you’re waiting for that, check out the Muppets Youtube channel.

At last a movie for Winos, Vegans and Zombies Attack of the Vegan Zombies!

Filming of Green Lantern 2 rumored to begin before #1 is released (via Bleeding Cool)

Why would anyone want a superpower that allows you to teleport anything 3 inches? And are we surprised SYFY is doing it? (via Deadline Hollywood)

Comment on this post with the best appearance in fiction of a real-life sci-fi author (like HG Wells in Time After Time, or Warehouse 13). (via IO9)

We’ll pick a commenter using the random number generator to win one of David Mack’s Kabuki Comics. (Actual prize may differ from image shown)

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