Yeah, that's right! My very first audiobook is available through Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. Earlier this spring I narrated the novel No Small Bills from award-winning, best-selling author Aaron Rosenberg, in conjunction with Crossroads Press.

What do you get when a cubical office worker with the head of a duck, a hot blonde, a plumber, and an FBI agent walk into a bar? You get No Small Bills and the hilarity that ensues. No Small Bills is a Scifi-Comedy in line with the satire and wit of Douglas Adams, and let me tell you, it is hilarious. I can't recall how many times I just laughed when I was narrating the book. This resulted in much rerecording. I think what made DuckBob, the main character, such an identifiable hero for me is that he is so human, so much like a regular guy, and so me. Eh, so he has the head of a duck. Who doesn't at least feel that way sometimes? After awhile, I even kind of forgot it was there. But it was integral to the story. And then there is Mary...ah, Mary... And that's all your getting. You gotta listen to the book yourself.