On this episode of the Sean Vs Wild Podcast, Sean trades in his cold brews for hot coffee and a protein shake as he catches up with Autumn Cleveland, professional bodybuilder/fitness model/personal trainer. They discuss how Autumn overcame a history of being bullied, and how she used that as motivation to enter the gym and eventually the world of competitive bodybuilding. Autumn also gives advice on how you too can start your fitness journey, how to keep those new year's resolutions, what songs are on her workout playlist, dealing with spray tan, and the time she met the man himself: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also, Sean talks about his unusual run-in with Lou Ferrigno. Tune in and wild out for this week's entertaining, inspirational, and motivational episode of the Sean Vs Wild Podcast!



Website: http://www.autumncleveland.com

Arnold Model Search Voting Link: https://www.gomdfu.com > Women's Voting

Instagram @autumnatikk

Documentary Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z6BDvlnzSE&t=5s (Channel Autumn Cleveland)




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