HAPPY MASTURBATION MONTH! Comedian Mike Black & Sex Ed Legend Carol Queen help celebrate Team Fun when it's a team of one! TOPICS: Listener Letter, Vibrator Coasting, The Journey, Porn vs Fantasy, Cravings for Intimacy, Trial & Error, Skinemax, Beating it & Breaking it, Lube Lab, Cheating, Group Shame, Getting Caught. THEN: Stamina, Benefits, Guilt, A Vacuum of Info, Self-Comfort, Corn Flakes & Graham Crackers, Non-Orgasmic Masturbation, Nerve Pathways, Patterns & Habits, "Fantasy & Friction," Valsalva Breathing, Betty Dodson, The Sexiest Library, Sexual Philosophy, and Highlight's from Carol Queens Remarkable Career! Carol Queen, PhD is a noted pleasure activist, award-winning erotic author, the co-founder (with her life partner Dr. Robert Morgan Lawrence) of the Center for Sex & Culture, and Staff Sexologist at Good Vibrations. For more, see www.carolqueen.com and www.sexandculture.org/mission Photo is courtesy The Feminist Porn Awards.   MIKE BLACK Is a comedian who's appeared on VH1, TBS, The Travel Channel and Comedy Central and also countless national commercials. When he's not performing somewhere in Los Angeles or on the road he co-hosts The Action Figure Podcast and Gamedians on Dorksplosion.com Follow his adventures on facebook, twitter & Instagram where he uses the handle mikeblackattack or on his website mikeblackattack.net!   http://mikeblackattack.net/ http://dorksplosion.com/category/podcasts/the-action-figure-podcast/ http://dorksplosion.com/category/podcasts/gamedians/ facebook.com/mikeblackattack twitter.com/mikeblackattack   Hang out with Sex Nerd Sandra on Twitter and Facebook. It will be the fun times.