Shrunken Head Lounge Surf Radio Show Running Time: 29 minutes 30 seconds


Dr. Carl Mia  uncovers a most unusual fossil. It has five fingers arranged much like a human hand, but it sports webbing and claws that suggest a marine predator. Dr. Mia assembles a team of scientists to journey to the fabled Black Telstar in search of more fossils.

The captain of their chartered riverboat, tells them the story of the aquatic monster that stalks the Black Lagoon. When Dr. Mia returns to his camp he finds that some savage beast has slaughtered his assistants.

The beast stalks the crew of the riverboat and comes aboard and attacks.

The Creature is apprehended through the use of a poison used to catch fish and is imprisoned.
The cage doesn’t hold the Creature  for long though, he escapes and seriously injures Dr. Thompson.

Dr. Mia tracks the Creature to its subterranean cave. The Creature is shot and stumbles to the water. He sinks into the blackness of the lagoon. The last relic of the Devonian age is dead… or so it would seem.