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In 1969, Earth Day-founder Senator Gaylord Nelson witnessed the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Inspired by the anti-war movement of the ’60s, he felt that the increased awareness of pollution could bring the subject to the national attention. Earth Day 1970 was created via a rare agreement between both political parties and the disparate views through American society. The movement quickly led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency later in the year. Earth Day went global in 1990 mobilizing 200 million people world-wide … though climate change deniers and fossil fuel industry bureaucrats continue to try and derail the movement’s efforts.
We’ll listen to a selection of songs about the beauty of the environment and natural world to celebrate Earth Day 2018 … this week on The Sing Out! Radio Magazine.

Episode #18-16: Earth Day
Host: Tom Druckenmiller


Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer”(excerpt) / Songs of Hope and Struggle / Smithsonian Folkways
Charm City Junction / “Frog on a Lily Pad” / Charm City Junction / Patuxent
Pete Seeger / “Sailing Down My Golden River” / Rainbow Race / Columbia
William Coulter & Barry Phillips / “Like Pretty Birds-Come Life, Shaker Life” / Music on the Mountain / Gourd
Leah Larson / “A Little Ways Down the Road” / Long Journey / Self Produced
Al Petteway / “Sifel's Creek” / Mountain Guitar / Fairewood

John McCutcheon / “Water from Another Time” / Gonna Rise Again / Rounder
David Mallett / “Loons” / The Fable True / North Road
Nakai-Eaton -Clipman / “Running Down the Sun” / Feather, Stone & Light / Canyon
Metamora / “Mountain Field” / Metamora / Sugar Hill
Charm City Junction / “Bogs of Shanaheaver” / Charm City Junction / Patuxent

The Malvinas / “God Bless the Grass” / God Bless the Grass / Soona Songs
Dave Marshall-Andrea Cooper-Joel Bernstein / “Mad River” / Pleasant Hill / Lost Chicken
Kallet-Epstein-Ciccone / “Farthest Field” / Heart Walk / Self Produced
Nana Vasconcelos / “Wind Calling Wind” / Storytelling / EMI Hemisphere
Dan Berggren / “Birch Are Soprano” / Tongues in Trees / Sleeping Giant
Lee Murdock / “After the Storm” / What About the Water / Depot
Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer”(excerpt) / Songs of Hope and Struggle / Smithsonian Folkways