Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Lenore Singers - "What The Lord Has Done For Me"

Southerners - "In The Need Of Prayer"

Spiritual Harmonizers - "I Found The Way"

Star Lite Singers - "Leaning On Her Knees"

Crowns of Harmony - "I'm Going To A City"

Pure Heart Travelers - "Jesus Carry Me On"

Revelation Gospel Singers - "Come This Far By Faith"

Flying Eagle Gospel Singers - "Shoes"

C.B.S. Trumpeteers - "We Shouldn't Forget"

Atlanta Christian Choir - "Soon I'll Be Done"

Bright Stars - "All of My Help"

Holy Disciples - "Cry Tears of Joy"

Salem Travelers - "Paying My Dues"

True Tone Gospel Singers - "I Want to Be at the Meeting"