Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Brown Brothers - "Humble Down"

Elite Jewels - "Standing on the Rock"

Ernest Franklin with Charles Clency and the Voices of Melody - "So God"

Canton Spirituals - "Never Good Bye"

Fantastic Family Aires - "Jesus I Love You"

Four Silver Stars of Hopkins - "Teach Me"

Gates of Heaven - "Ain't It A Shame"

Golden Bells of Tuscaloosa - "Old Ship of Zion"

Golden Keys - "Never Stop Loving God"

Gospel Melodies of Center, TX - "Nobody Knows"

Little Wonders - "I Want To Walk a Little Closer To God"

Mighty Harmony Kings - "Back to the Dust"

Original Soul Seekers of Fort Worth - "Everything Belongs To God"

Pilgrim Harmoneers - "Little Wooden Church"

Rev Willis Evens Jr. - "I Got A Friend Up In Glory Stand By Me"

Spiritualaires of Hurstboro, AL - "It's In My Mind"

Silver Trumpets - "If You Need Jesus"