Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP

Angels of Harmony - "Tip Down" - NO LP

New Harmony Four - "I Heard A Strange Voice" - NO LP

Dora L. Busby Trio - "God's Train" - No LP

Flying Clouds of Brundidge, AL. - "No Harm Calling On Jesus" - NO LP

Jean Reed and the Original Specials - "Ask It In The Name Of Jesus" - NO LP

Mighty Wonders - "Walk Around Heaven Around" - NO LP

Miller Singers - "Think Of His Goodness To You" - NO LP

Rev. C.J. Johnson - "You Better Run To The City Of Refuge" - The Old Time Song Service [By request from Listener Burt Bloom.]

Great Mt. Sinai COGIC District Service - "Bump/Praise Break/Shout" - NO LP [Watch the video of this here:

Dan Spiffy Neuman on organ]

Mrs. Buckhanon - "Home Going" - NO LP

Mrs. Estella Perdue - "Conditions of the Whole" - NO LP

Zionette Gospel Singers - "Jesus Knows" - NO LP

Tyler Nightingales - "He's Been Good To Me" - NO LP

Boyd Rivers - "Precious Lord" - Living Country Blues