Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Rev. A. Jones - "I Don't Know"

Golden-Aires - "I've Come A Long Way"

Heavenly Echoes of Waterbury, Ct - "Shield On the Battlefield" [Thanks, Noel!]

Voices of Joy - "Watch Over Me"

Clefs of Calvary - "Thank You"

Brother Al Andres and the Mighty Golden Tones - "What Is This?"

Alston Singers - "It's Amazing"

Miller Singers - "Jesus The Man I Long To Know"

Cleveland All-Stars - "Look The Place Over"

Sons of Crusaders - "Washed In the Blood"

Ike Gordon with the Caravan No. 2 of Zachary, LA. - "So Soon I'll Be At Home"

Little Bolden and the Mighty Golden Stars - "Coming Through The Years"

Traveling Echoes - "When The Rolls Called"

Shining Stars - "Lord I'm Still Waiting"

Silver Stars - "So Many Years (I Have Lived In Sin)"

Sensational Travelers - "PayDay"

Weeks Sisters - "Silent Night"