Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Norfleet Brothers - "None But The Righteous"

Soul Stirrers - "End of My Journey"

Southern Wonders - "Shady Green Pastures"

Radio Four - "Believe Every Word He Says"

Gabrielaires - "You Don't Know Where Death Is"

Dixie Aires - "Jesus Will Fix It"

Crume Brothers - "Resting Easy"

Sensational Cleftones - "So Many Years I Have Lived In Sin"

Mellotones - "Everything's Gonna Be All Right"

Suggs Brothers Quartet - "When I Get Home"

Daytonians - "I Got Everything I Need"

Anne Walker and the Twilight Gospel Singers - "Give Me Courage"

Florida-Robins - "What Is This I Got"

Sensational Harmonizers - "God Is Real"

Sensational Prodigal Sons - "This May Be The Last Time"

Deep South Singers - "I'll Let Nothing Separate Us From God's Love"

Rev James Paden and the Mighty Knights - "I'll Do That Too"

Swinging Corinthians - "Sweet Home"