Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP [Sculpture by wilshepard]

Sensational Nightingales - "Morning Train" - NO LP [Painting by Michael Banks]

Swan Silvertones - "Long Ago" - NO LP [Can't find the artist on this one.]

Bessemer Sunset Four - "What Wonderful Love The Father Has" - NO LP [Painting by Jimmie Lee Sudduth]

Dunham Jubilee Singers - "If Men Go To Hell Who Cares" - NO LP [Painting by Mose T.]

Silvertone Singers of Cincinnatti - "Bye and Bye" - NO LP [Skull by Son Thomas]

Five Blind Boys of Mississippi - "Lord Will Make A Way" - NO LP [Painting by Lucy Hunnicut]

Dorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel Harmonettes - "Waiting For Me" - NO LP [Face Jug by unknown Edgefield, South Carolina potter]

Faithful Wanderers - "Jesus Met The Woman At the Well" - NO LP [Face jug by Thomas Davies]

Gospel Songbirds - "Canaan Land" - NO LP [Norwegian calendar stick]

Shiloh Primitive Baptist Association, N.C. - "Dark and Thorny Is The Desert" - NO LP

Sensational Starlight Singers - "Since I Found The Lord" - NO LP

Delores Barrett and the Barrett Sisters - "Don't Leave Me" - NO LP

Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - "If You Don't Mind" - NO LP [Painting by Floyd Gordon]

Melody Kings - "I Have Someone" - NO LP [Painting by William H. Johnson]

Gates of Paradise - "Jesus I Everything" - NO LP [Painting by Cheryl Yvette]

Ziontones - "Working For Jesus" - NO LP [Painting by Cheryl Yevette]