Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Mighty Walker Brothers - "Lord Teach Me Sometime"

Faithful Travelers of Hillsboro, NC - "Working in the Vineyard"

Harps of the Coast - "Where the Soul of Man Never Dies"

Rev. Chas Glover - "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand"

Manigault Special - "Lord Don't Let Me Fall"

Wright Brothers Gospel Singers - "Wake Me Shake Me Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long"

Mighty Sons - "Stand By Me"

Mighty Stars of Joy of Tensaw, Alabama - "I Thank You Jesus"

Soul Stirrers - "Peter Don't Be Afraid"

Spiritual Wonders - "Have Mercy"

Dixon Brothers - "Circle"

Swanee Quintet - "Old Time Religion"

Southern Echoes - "Lord Is Mighty Sweet"

Sensational Gospel Eagles - "Don't Let His Name Go Down"

Wandering Souls - "Whole World In His Hands"