Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossraods"

Silver Kings - "Meeting Tonight"

Wright Brothers Gospel Singers - "I Go Where You Want Me To Go"

Gospel Songbirds - "The Lord Is Blessing Me" [Please check out Aaron Bushman's YouTube page full of gospel, funk, soul and garage 45s.]

Church of God In Christ Youth Choir - "Strive"

Vocalaires - "I Want Jesus To Walk With Me"

Hebrew Gospel Singers - "God Is Alright"

Four Stars - "This Holy Number"

Golden Keys - "Give Jesus A Standing Ovation"

Joyful Gospel Singers - "He's Alright"

Stars of Hope - "The Only Way"

Cliff Mason and the Gospel Truth - "Are You Ready"

Shepherdettes - "Hey Sinner"

Gospel Leaders - "Trouble"

Sensational Highlights - "Jesus Sheltered Me"

M&W Gospel Singers - "My Change Has Come"