Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Dream"

Dixie Nightingales - "I Don't Know"

Spiritual Angels - "Too Close To Heaven"

Marion Gaines Singers - "Are You Ready?" - This Too Is Gospel

Pigrim Harmonizers - "Over The Hill"

Southern Clouds - "Sing To The Power of The Lord"

Sister Rosetta Tharp - "Go and Get The Water" - The Gospel Truth

Sister Rosetta Tharp - "Let Us Take A Trip"

Norfolk Singers - "He's A God"

Jackson Southernaires - "Too Late" - Too Late

Perry Tillis and the Congregation of the Savior Lord Jesus Holiness Pentecostal Church - "Untitled" [Recorded by Steve Grauberger in 1995 in Samson, Alabama]

Rev Samuel Patterson - "Judgement Day"

Vera Hill - "Jesus, Just Jesus"

Gloryaires - "Search Me Lord"

Sons of the Soul Revivers - "Family Prayer" [Video of session here:]

Imperial Gospel Singers - "Keep On The Firing Line"