Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Stars of Hope - "The Lord Will Be There"

Southern Jubilees - "He Watches Me"

Mt. Olive Baptist Church - "One More Time"

Ramah Baptist Church, Letohatchee, Alabama - "What A Time"

Ramah Baptist Church, Letohatchee, Alabama - "A Charge To Keep I Have"

Perry Tillis and the Congregation of the Savior Lord Jesus Holiness Pentecostal Church - "Preaching excerpt"

Rock West Baptist Church, Goshen, Alabama - "So Glad I Got Good Religion"

Hubbard Heavyweight Gospel Singers - "Lord, My Friends Are Just a Few"

Stars Lights of Oklahoma City, OK. - "My Heart Is Fixed"

Traveling Kinsgmen Quartet - "Lead Me With The Righteous"

Emanuel Jubilee - "Why Did He Die?" - He's Back In My Life

Joyful Gospel Singers - "Everyday Will Be Like Sunday"

Inspirational Florida Gospel Singers - "Jesus I Love You"

Doves of Harmony - "Ride This Train"