Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Kings of Harmony of Alabama - "Shine On Me"

Burnadettes - "Don't Give Up"

Swan Silvertones - "If You Think Your God Is Dead, Try Mine" [By request from Listener and DJ Brian Phillips in ATL]

Elder J E Burch - "Baptism By Water, Baptism By The Holy Spirit" [Requested by Jeremiah Rials down in Loose-anna.]

Carolyn Moore - "I've Come A Long Way" [Requested by Listener Eric Feldman. Check out Eric's excellent documentary on the Greek hot dog tradition in Birmingham, Alabama:]

Julius Cheeks - "Died One Time Won't Die No More" [Requested by Listener Josh Ess.]

Beacon Hill First Baptist Church Choir - "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand" - Kearney Barton: Architect Of The Northwest Sound

Jordan Singers - "I've Been Searching"

Rev. H.L. Parker - "Jesus"

Congregation of the Saviour Lord Jesus Holiness Pentecostal Church, Samson, Alabam - "There's A Fire Shut Up In My Bones" [Recorded by Steve Grauberger in 1995 in Samson, Alabama]

Mary Lee Bendolph and China Pettway - "Oh, Please Lord Have Mercy" - How We Got Over: Sacred Songs of Gee's Bend

Ensley Jubilee Singers - "Packin' Up"

Soul Stirrers - "He's My Guide" - Jesus Gave Me Water [Julius Cheeks and Sam Cooke trading leads on this one.]

Spiritual QC's - "My Jesus Is All"

Psychic TV - "Orchids" - Dreams Less Sweet [Requested by Listener Kevin Nutt.]