Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

New Scott Olly - "I've Got Jesus On My Side" [KAYT Monroe, Louisiana gospel program.]

Friendly Seven - "Stay On This Road" [Thanks to Brother Eli R.]

Soul Saviors of Washington, D.C. - "I'm Holding On" [Thanks to Brother Cies.]

Commandent Singers - "When The Gates Swing Open / Steal Away to Jesus"

James Crawley - "Oh Lord I Have Done (What the Lord Told Me To Do)" [Brother Eli R.]

Johnita & Joyce Collins - "People are Fighting"

Supreme Wonders - "When I Rose This Morning"

Spiritualites - "Jonah" - Wax Wonders Vol. 21 []

Gospel Harmonizers of Chester, N.C. - "You Better Mind" [Song title dedicated to JakeGould]

Cincinnatti Goldenaires - "One More Mountain To Climb"

J.J. Farley and the Original Soul Stirrers - "Call On The Lord" - Time Has Made A Change

Greenvillettes - "I'm In Your Care"

Music behind DJ:

[Thanks as always to the Mighty Gospel Friends.]

Dynamic Gaylarks - "Child Do Love Jesus"