Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Notes of Melody - "Old Landmark"

Rev. Lloyd Oldham - "Richer and Richer"

Singing Crusaders - "Now, Lord" [Church Pics tonight are from the very cool Atlas Obscura blog:]

Eagle Jubilee Singers - "Canaan Land"

Ernest Walker and the Inspiralettes - "Meet Me In The Golden City"

Sensational Harmoneers - "It's Been a Long Journey"

Mighty Walker Brothers - "I Need The Lord"

Sensational Sunlight Gospel Singers - "Willing To Run On"

C. Cooke and the Zionaires - "When I Finish"

World Travelers - "I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Always"

Biblical Gospel Singers - "Day by Day"

Gospel Specials - "Jesus On My Mind"

Sister Lula Bolding and the Mighty Blasters - "Come Let's Praise Him"

Heavenly Kings Singers - "Going Back With Jesus"

Sensational Bright Clouds - "Show Me The Way"

Little Davis Trio - "Hard To Get Along"