Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Joe Townsend - "Going Over The Hill"

Spirit of Memphis - "See What the End Will Be"

Bells of Tone - "Come and Go With Me"

Original Gospelettes - "Give Me One More Chance"

Gospel Songbirds of Chattanooga - "I'm On The Battlefield"

Davis Sisters - "Sign of Judgement" [Art tonight by Sam Doyle]

Mighty Uniques - "Shoes"

Evangelist Maxie Clark Jr. and the Outreach Singers - "Running for My Life"

Linen Singers - "I've Got to Take Jesus"

Sensational Gospel Tones - "There Is A God Somewhere"

Harmony Stars - "I Told The Lord"

Mighty Golden Bells - "I Don't What You Came To do"

Miller Singers - "You Don't Know Like I Know"

Sensational Gospel Eagles - "I'm Movin' On"

Spiritual Voices - "Lord Remember Me"

Brother Eli Reed - "Cut Ya Down" [Thanks Joe D.!!]