Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads"

Gospel Cavaliers - "What Was It" - This Is The Moment [0:02:44]

B.T.U. Specials - "God's Got A Blessing For You" [0:07:09]

Junior Nighting-gales - "The World In His Hands" [0:12:55]

Hazel Ivy - "Well Done" [0:18:08]

Five Kings of Harmony - "No Way Without the Lord" [0:18:10]

James Sanders and the Gospel Legends - "It's Gonna Be Hard But We Are Gonna Make It" - At The Gate [0:22:37]

Marvin Ross and the Ross Brothers - "One Day God Dropped By" [0:25:37]

Southern Four Singers of Detroit - "Getting Ready For That Great Day" [0:28:06]

Expressions of Faith - "I've Been Trying" - Forgive Me Lord [0:33:48]

Willie Banks and the Amazing Singing Sons - "All of God's Children Got Shoes" - It's Time To Pray [0:37:06]

Melody Voices of Anniston, Alabama - "Standing By The River" [0:40:27]

Mighty Revelaires - "Sunshine After Every Rain" - Try for Himself [0:44:37]

Sensational Harmonizers of Sacramento, CA. - "Hold On and Stretch Out" [0:47:25]

Sunlighters of Griffin, GA. - "Great God Almighty Going To Cut You Down" - Great God Almighty Going To Cut You Down [0:49:17]

Superior Angels - "There's Been A Change In Me" [0:57:19]