Set sail for something as soothing as a tall glass of chocolate milk. A sleepy remix reading of a story by Dr. Chuck Tingle "Puffed in My Pillows by the Living Manifestation That I'm Okay and Everything is Alright”. You might remember me talking about Chuck Tingle and his podcast on “Rom-Com Con”!ca88d

Theme Song: “Proving Love Is Real” by Caged Animals, covered by Jonathan Mann

This Sleep With Me episode contains no adult content, news or screens. But you can still skip the episode if you need to as we have plenty of others to choose from.

Chuck’s Podcast is for ADULTS ONLY and you can find it here, I’ll be on the August 29th episode reading the original Tingler it will be a fun time and if you miss my profanity laded bloopers you will get plenty on this episode. If it might not be something you would enjoy feel free to skip it, and this episode of Sleep With Me if you feel that is what is best for you. Different preferences are why I work so hard to keep a steady stream of new content coming out.

If you choose get to know Chuck you will quickly see how his worldview “Proving Love is Real” is the same as the idea of treating everyone with dignity and kindness and deserving a good night’s sleep. Also we both love to subvert expectations in a fun and ideally joyous way. To find out more about Chuck Tingle you can check these out-