Two heroes, Ray and Michael, sculpt sounds and save the world from singularity while you sleep.

Who is Veserium? From their Patreon page- “We believe that when great minds work together, we can forge the future.  We are an electronic music duo, and we want to forge the future of music. We want it to be a future in which music performances are engaging and authentic expressions of emotion—not just DJs pressing play on stage. We’ve been working on this mission for a while now, and it’s led us to create technology that enables us to create music like no one has ever done before. The core of the technology is a pair of gloves that allows us to control music in thin air with motions and gestures. With this tech, we’re able to literally shape sound—molding and sculpting it as we please.

We’re using these gloves to craft a distinctive musical style, and to put on live performances that have never been seen in EDM. Our fans are able to engage with our music on an entirely new level, being able to both see and hear the music created in front of their eyes.”

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