Fear of flying? How about a dreamflight. (Starts at 14:00) Who cares if you destination of a bowl of tomato soup? By comforting you will be comforted and by listening you mind will be boggled. But none of this should matter as you fly away on the wings of pointlessness as a passenger on Dutch Masters Airways.   7:15 Thank Yous 14:00 We drift in the story (Preboarding) 18:45 Boarding 23:00 Crossing the Threshold onto Plane 26:56 Seated in an aisle and window seat 28:05 An Unassuming Confused Seatmate 30:28 A Seatmate Manifesto 31:33 A Decent Proposal (Plane pushes off) 34:20 Engines start up 34:25 #MLKDay, #MartinLutherKingDay 34:50 Takeoff 36:11 Climbing 38:15 #FiveWordsToRuinAJobInterview 40:50 Crusing Altitude 41:22 #NewKianandJcVideo 43:58 In Case of Turbulnece and #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithABodyPart 49:50 Slow Decent Begins 51:11 Super Bowl, Brady, Russell Wilson, Seahawks 52:00 Rantie 53:07 London 53:11 Page 3 54:04 Selma (and the flight lands) 54:52 Landing 55:00 American Sniper 56:07 Vibe Central (Land Sweet Land)