Our Halloween adventures continue as we meet a sweet witch formally named Connie. Why is she so happy? Why does she have a cauldron related sexual hangup? What does a witch do when her career path is not abundantly clear? These are questions you might be able to answer if you were to take this story and make some broad generalizations about it. There is no need to do that though. Just sleep. The moral of the story, though how it applies to the story is not even clear to me is "The Life of a Pirate is Very Hard Indeed". So that does not even really make sense with the information I have already provided so don't worry. Just listen and fall asleep without learning anything. sailent can you think of two things at once boring stuff from listener nonsensaverse carol dweck 0:00 Intro 05:39 Trending Tuesday Kicks Off and Recap Type Stuff 14:13 Kicking back in the lobby we finally meet the main character for today 17:45 Final lead up to a story which kind of starts after a minute or two