This week on Snacky Tunes, Greg & Darin Bresnitz sit down with James Mallios of Amali Restaurant. Find out how his Greek heritage and upbringing helped inspire him as a restauranteur and why he thinks more people should take the trek uptown to his restaurant. Later on, they chat with friend of the show Amrit Singh of Stereogum. Amrit plays some music he’s into these days and previews his upcoming film project, Dosa Hunt. This program was sponsored by Roberta’s

“Up until recently, New York has had a really bad rap when it comes to Mexican food”

“The term ‘farm to table’ is a misnomer. There’s gotta be a better term, because that’s not feasible to run a business with.”

“There was a restaurant I used to go to in Greece that only served lunch. They had a lot of vegetables, a few grilled meats and some seafood. They only served what they had …that place was the inspiration conceptually for Amali Restaurant.”

–James Mallios of Amali Restaurant