Darin Bresnitz takes it back to the home land with Caroline Russock, the Food Editor for the Philadelphia City Paper. This week on Snacky Tunes, join Darin and Caroline for discussions about the differing food scenes in Philadelphia and New York. Find out about Caroline’s food writing roots at Serious Eats, and her love of Sunset Park’s taco stands. How are restaurants like Federal Donuts and Zahav changing the restaurant landscape in Philadelphia? Later, TOKiMONSTA joins Darin in the studio to talk about collaborating with different vocalists and the life of a bedroom producer. What is Toki’s signature Korean dish? Tune in to hear some of her tracks and learn about her upcoming album release show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg! This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

“I like people who bring new stuff to the city. Living in New York, there’s so much of everything, but in Philly, it’s not really like that. So if someone comes in with a new idea, I’m into that.” [26:00] — Caroline Russock on Snacky Tunes