Darin Bresnitz is getting spicy on today’s Snacky Tunes. Tune into this episode to hear Darin chat with Jimmy Carbone and Steve Seabury about the upcoming New York City Hot Sauce Expo on April 20th, 2013. Hear why Jimmy and Steve teamed up to create this event, and why there is a need for a great hot sauce festival on the East Coast. How do a lot of new hot sauce makers differ from the traditional hot sauce companies? Later, Darin is joined in the studio by Lesley Townsend Duval to talk about this year’s installment of The Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Learn about the five-day festival, and some of the new events for this year’s cocktail celebration. How is cocktail culture changing? Finally, Darin wraps up the show with Ian Vanek of Japanther. Hear about Japanther’s decade-long journey of art, music, and play. How does Japanther hope to combine the worlds of art, food, and music in the digital age? Find out on this week’s Snacky Tunes! This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

“A lot of new hot sauce makers, such as myself, are all about flavor. It’s easy to make a sauce that will rip your face off.” [9:50] — Steve Seabury on Snacky Tunes

“Cocktails are going more in the savory direction, and that compliments food a lot better.” [30:00] — Lesley Townsend Duval on Snacky Tunes