Darin Bresnitz is covering a lot of ground in the worlds of food and music on this week’s installment of Snacky Tunes. Darin calls up Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President of the James Beard Foundation and host of HRN’s ‘Taste Matters’, to talk about the upcoming James Beard Awards. Learn how food media and journalism has changed the buzz around restaurants and food policy. Mitchell reports live from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in London; who will be this year’s winner? Later, Darin chats with The Rev about his upcoming events- Burger Week and Beer Balls. Find out why beer and burgers make the ultimate food pairing, and hear Darin and The Rev talk about their ideal meatballs. Finally Amanda from Other Music calls in to talk about this year’s Smorgasburg Record Fair! This episode has been sponsored by Rolling Press.

“My appreciation for other people’s artistry of the burger goes beyond what I can do. I like to cook things other than burgers at home.” [28:15] — The Rev on Snacky Tunes