We’re talking summer cocktails with Crown Group Hospitality’s Ben Scorah on Snacky Tunes! Darin Bresnitz invites Ben into the studio to shake up some delicious drinks. Tune into this episode to learn about the differences between the New York City and London cocktail scenes. Why does Ben focus on using seasonal ingredients in his drinks? Hear Darin and Ben talk about their favorite places to drink, and what music gets them excited for a refreshing cocktail during the summer months. Small Black joins Darin and Ben in the studio to play some songs off of their new album, Limits of Desire. Find out what the band eats on the road, and their affinity for Argentinean barbecue techniques. Hear the cast flex their foodie muscles and dish on processed foods and dry-aged steaks! This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

Photo by Agnes Thor

“New York has very traditional cocktails, like old-fashioneds and Manhattans, while London is trying to do its own thing.” [18:00]

Ben Scorah on Snacky Tunes