Darin and Greg Bresnitz are talking summer food trends with photographer Daniel Krieger, food writer Jordana Rothman, and DJ Dieselboy! Jordana brings a box of cronuts for the studio; tune in to hear the crew talk about the cronut craze, and whether or not the pastry is worth the hype. Jordana and Daniel recount their recent trip to Tales of the Cocktail, and how the culinary world is accepting craft cocktails. Dieselboy talks about his love for cooking hot dogs using strange cooking techniques. Hear about New York restaurant nostalgia, Russian cuisine, and what restaurant openings are going to change the New York restaurant landscape this fall. Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

“Americans love over-the-top things… Whenever you invent a combination, and add fat and calories, we love it.” [13:45]

Daniel Krieger on Snacky Tunes