This week on Snacky Tunes, Darin and Greg Bresnitz welcome Annemarie Ahearn of Salt Water Farm into the studio to talk about her New York City exodus, and her cooking school in Maine. Find out why the transition was at times scary, but ultimately led to a burgeoning recreational cooking school with visitors from across the world. Later, the crew from Red Boat Fish Sauce joins the studio to talk about the ingredients for authentic fish sauce, and why environment plays such a crucial factor. What chefs use Red Boat Fish Sauce, and why does Red Bat pack such an umami kick? Later, Cassandra Jenkins plays some songs, and talks about her family’s history in music! This program has been sponsored by MOOD Magazine.

“People will fly to Maine to take my classes for three days. I never expected that it would get to that point.” [13:20]

Annemarie Ahearn on Snacky Tunes

“The anchovies that live in the Phu Quoc- they are called black anchovies. They make the best fish sauce. If you use another type of anchovy from another part of the world, it’s not going to be the same.” [31:40]

Red Boat Fish Sauce on Snacky Tunes