This week on a solo show of Snacky Tunes , Darin welcomes MOOD Magazine Co-Founders Mario Villar and Emma Hovel. MOOD Magazine fits right in with Snacky Tunes as its focus is both music and food with some great stories and gorgeous photos as well. Mario and Emma talk about the magazine’s beginnings and plans for the future, notably with MOOD’s fifth issue coming out soon. Later, Darin brings on the band Big Ups (featuring former HRN Engineer Joe Galarraga!) who recently released their album, Eighteen Hours of Static. The crew discusses band life, touring, and which band member dominates the kitchen. Tune in to hear it all! This program was brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

“It’s easier to appreciate something that you can hold… And for us, instead of doing a blog about music and food, actually putting the work into producing… content that is worth paying to print.” [9:07]

Emma Hovel on Snacky Tunes

Big Ups on Snacky Tunes