This week on Snacky Tunes, hosts Greg and Darin Bresnitz are talking to the guys behind the Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg, Jify Shah and Evan Weiner. Cameo is the definitive Brooklyn venue for bands, DJs, producers, and comedians that is set as a kaleidoscopic arts hub that’s hidden in the back of a restaurant. Talking about how Cameo got its start and how they have seen the Williamsburg scene evolve, Greg and Darin get the scoop on how Cameo has been able to up its reputation over the years and bring in some world-renown acts. Greg and Darin go on to ask the guys about their food selection at the venue, and as it turns out, a few of the recipes are personal family favorites that they brought to the menu. In the second half of the episode, the guys officially welcome musical guest, Alex Rose to the Snacky Tunes stage. Striking up a conversation about her past with radio, Alex, Greg, and Darin talk the ins and outs of college and internet radio. Alex can be seen playing in bands every once in a while, but still writes music fairly often. Tune in for a thorough discussion on the Pacific Northwest and to hear great Mexican food hot spots! This program was brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

“I don’t know why I wrote a song in French. I was drunk walking home from a bar maybe three or four weeks ago…” [38:43]

“I feel like I was always trying to come up with clever ways to basically be like, ‘I’m stoned’ – but like in a clever way.” [43:05]

Alex Rose on Snacky Tunes