This week on a brand new Snacky Tunes, hosts Greg and Darin Bresnitz kick off the show welcoming Michelle Capocefalo, Partner Solutions Associate of the app “Cover,” to the show. “Cover” allows patrons to create or join a table when you arrive at the selected restaurant then splits the bill (with your tip) when the meal concludes. Michelle divulges how handy the app is and where she sees it heading in the future. Previously, Michelle was a general manager for restaurants and bars at Standard Hotels including Le Bain, Top of the Standard, and most recently Café Standard, and tells the guys all about her personal favorite restaurants in the city, including Estela. In the second half of the show, Oh, Cassius! joins Greg and Darin for a good talk and a few tunes. Singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, John Torres & Meredith DiMenna liken their music to Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris meeting Of Monsters and Men. Tune in to hear Oh, Cassius! play beautiful and haunting songs that are simultaneously classic and modern. This program was brought to you by Rolling Press.

“At the end of the meal we’re not going to make it transactional – we want people to focus on what matters.” [11:30]

Michelle Capocefalo on Snacky Tunes

“Many people do hate the kazoo, but they learn to love it!” [35:05]

Oh, Cassius! on Snacky Tunes