This week on Snacky Tunes, Darin and Greg Bresnitz are back in the studio to interview Jameson Fink and Nils Bernstein of Wine Enthusiast Magazine the world’s largest periodical for wine and spirits. Fink is a two-time SAVEUR Blog Award finalist, and Bernstein has authored culinary content for Bon Appetit, Men’s Journal, New York Times, Hemispheres, and Kinfolk, among others.

After the break, a live in-studio performance by Starchild & The New Romantic. Bryndon Cook, who records as Starchild, describes his music as “Champion Music for the Heartbroken.” Drawing equally on electro and R&B, with silky sheets of synth cascading over rubbery bass lines, each song spikes lithe vocal melodies with an undeniable twinge of sadness.