Rome’s history spans 28 centuries, and it’s rich with art, politics, religion and civilization. It’s also an incredible place to get something to eat and drink. When you ask around about who to call to help navigate the Eternal City’s gastronomic delights, one name pops up again and again amongst food industry pros: Katie Parla. Katie’s an acclaimed Rome-based food and beverage educator, journalist and cookbook author, and she joins us to talk about her travels and all things Italian. We’re also visited by an old Snacky Tunes pal, singer-songwriter, Erika Spring. Over the years, Erika’s wowed us with her work as a founding member of Au Revoir Simone, as a part of the all-lady super trio, Nice as Fuck, and of course, with her own solo music which she debuted in 2012 with her self-titled EP. Though she’s been busy being a mom and tending to her family, Erika’s still found time to make music, and she give us a live in-studio listen to her latest album, Scars.

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