Hai, Sneakers! This week Ian and Dave by surprise (well, a surprise to Ian anyway) guest Nina Matsumoto, who, despite a bad cold and suffering jetlag, was lured onto the show by Dave. This week, Ian, Dave and Nina take a look at Dave’s seeping leg wound; discuss why Nina is on the show; ooh and aw over Nina’s gift for Ian; discuss Nina’s visit to the Naoki Urasawa exhibit in Osaka; marvel over 7-11s in Japan; are shocked to discover there are no Slurpees in Japan; deride The Killing Joke film; are dismayed by the end of the movie ending; enjoy flying with Star Wars; pay some bills with our sponsors; complain about Vancouver winters; learn about ideograms; bow to Japanese decorum; reveal artistic pseudonyms; bemoan cultural gatekeepers; sort of celebrate women in comics; find undeserved success; earn unending envy; sneak in a quick Rogue One discussion; and, finally, give some drawing tips and recommend expensive sunglasses.

Somehow, we didn’t say it on the show, but Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Apparently it’s in no way as good as the original manga:

We keep talking about it and here is some of Naoki Urosawa’s Manben: