Hola, Sneakers! We keep doing this and we can’t stop.

This week on the show, Ian and David start with some mime time and then have some sexy time; they discuss Lent and some other heavy theological issues; cross borders; find some niggle room in sugar fast law; visit Skull Island: talk about bad boyfriends and big steak; see the Ian Boothby Memorial Mantelpiece ; fall out of love; fall into love; hear a story about The One That Got Away from listener Louise Moon; and, finally, play a game with Canaan Grall’s fun Pictionary cards and discuss dressing up, indie comics, bucking up, famous cat owners, D&D with double D, and the Silver Sorry-for-Himself-er.

Thanks for listening.

Big thanks to Louise for sending in her story of The One That Got Away. Here’s the promised playlist!

The One That Got Away

Songs for Louise:

The Comedians – Elvis Costello – Reveals the secret misery of all comedians. Sure, you think they’re funny so they must be laughing all the time. If only!
When She Has Her Coffee – No Fun – About the importance of coffee as character determiner and builder.
The Lines You Amend – Sloan – Some suicide songs are sad; some are sympathetic; and some point a finger. I went with the finger to suicide.
Sometimes I Wonder – The Harbinger Complex – Louise can’t help but wonder what small or possibly large changes she would have made to a man’s life. Sometimes we all wonder…
Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell – In the end, we can be happiest with those we know best and have loved longest. There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, after all.