Ciao, Sneakers! Welcome to episode 306 of Sneaky Dragon.

This week on the show: podcast tips; podcast morals; good memories, bad memories, and no memories; things are going swimmingly; household nudity; saunafit; the horrors of leg day; high school gym; our sponsors; swimming pools; a tribute to hot dogs; DANGER: heated eggs; Canadian versus American potato chips; the voice of Fritos; in praise of Tic Tacs; performance anxiety; we need bored kids; magic bullets; Chick Talk™; Peck Talk™; being in The New Yorker; New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town; Pride and Prejudice redux; and, finally, film ratings and Dave’s not listening.

Thanks for listening (unlike Dave).

The most shocking moment in all of recorded Pride and Prejudice:

Seriously, guys, this is how you do Wickham:

He had one 5 minute video to get himself across and he did it in spades!