Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 335 of the no awards-winning podcast Sneaky Dragon. This week on the show, it’s all about packed jams; artists about town; not necessarily a disorder; fire songs; fire stories; the defense of jokes; some Monty Python love; the path from kids shows to comedy; pledge breaks; too much dick; some love from Whit Stillman; Quebec burns; accordion questions; yelly sketches; best plays we’ve ever seen; worst emcees; character comics; some Avengers post-mortems; emotional disconnects; not gettin’ out; too many M&M’s; permission, pleasure and rock’n’roll; groups of groped groupies; what’s the love objective; too much music; a brief book review; and, last but not least, speaking of music, the Top 5 deep cut Beatles songs for Jeffrey Zwack.

Thanks for listening.

Those Top 5 Deep-Cut Beatles Songs are:

1) “Things We Said Today” from the 1964 album A Hard Day’s Night
2) “It’s Only Love” from the 1965 album Help!
3) “This Boy” from the 1963 single “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” b/w “This Boy”
4) “Don’t Let Me Down” from the 1969 single “Get Back” b/w “Don’t Let Me Down”
5) “The Inner Light” from the 1968 single “Lady Madonna” b/w “The Inner Light’
and the bonus track:
6) “Every Little Thing” from the 1965 album Beatles for Sale

Dept. of Corections:

Linda Asher??? Of course Dave knows that Paul McCartney’s girlfriend throughout much of the Sixties was Jane Asher. What an embarrassing gaffe for our so-called Beatles expert.

Because it’s great: