Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 338 of the fantabulous Sneaky Dragon – your personal podcast.

This week on the show, Ian and Dave talk nostalgic poison; modern times; whoop-de-doos; ineffectual Satan; cruel puppy contest; Sparks on the march; VanCAF memories; random shout outs; terrifying memories; the last straw; old-fashioned litterbugs; tumblin’ dice; game show-based math learning; tune naming; shirt shortages; door-to-door charmer; forward ghosts; systematic tangents; effective strikes; ne parle pas le français; Dave can fuck off; volcano bores; TCAF vs. VCAF; writing a sequel; and, finally, Top 5 rain songs as suggested by Sarah Walsh.

Thanks for listening.

Those Top 5 Rain Songs as chosen by Dave:
1) “Come Out of the Rain” by The U.S. Males from the 1968 single “Open Up Your Heart” b/w “Come Out of the Rain”
2) “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Ann Peebles from the 1974 album I Can’t Stand the Rain
3) “I See the Rain” by The Marmalade from the 1967 single “I See the Rain” b/w “Laughing Man”
4) “I Call You My Rainbow” by Curt Boettcher from the 1973 album Chicken Little Was Right
5) “Dry the Rain” by The Beta Band from the 1998 album The Three EP’s
and the usual bonus track: the snappy little number
6) “A Rainy Day in Utica, N.Y.” from the album The Cat in the Hat Songbook

Bubbling Under:
“Rainy Season” by Howard Devoto from the 1983 album Jerky Versions of the Dream (almost played)

“Rainy Night in Georgia” by Brooks Benton from the 1969 single “Rainy Night in Georgia” b/w “Where Do I Go from Here”

The One-Second Beatles Quiz: